Agender flag leather cuff

Crafty Queer Studio

This genuine leather bracelet is made up of two pieces, an aluminum back piece and a front piece made of shrink plastic with the agender pride flag printed on it that’s been cut out and shrunk down to fit just right for the metal piece behind it.

The bracelet is 1” thick, and available in two sizes: regular and large. Due to the snaps, the regular bracelet fits most people, including those with tiny wrists. You will probably only need a large if your wrist is upwards of 8" or larger. If you need an even bigger bracelet, please contact us.

All of our bracelets have snaps, so they are adjustable.


The shrink plastic and the leather have been sealed for everyday use, but please do not shower or swim with your bracelet.

Each bracelet is created by hand from a simple leather strip. That means all the edges, holes, snaps, etc. are done by hand for each individual piece, as is the front piece of shrink plastic, and the two front pieces are hand-sewn onto the bracelet. Due to the time involved, these bracelets are generally made to order and can take up to a week if we need to make more pieces.

***Please note that with leather products, there can be some variation in texture and appearance from one bracelet to the next.*** As with most things hand-made, please expect some variation from item to item; that's what makes each Crafty Queer Studio product unique and awesome!

**NOTE** Production time for our bracelets can take up to a week before they are shipped out.