Acetronaut necklace

Crafty Queer Studio

This simple but bold necklace is made up of two pieces, with the word "Acetronaut" printed on the front piece. A great gift for all genders, our necklaces are styled to be worn by anyone!

**This necklace comes in two different shapes - a circle or a rectangle. Please specify which you'd like when you check out.**
Circle size = 1.25" diameter
Rectangle size = 1/2" x 2"

The back piece of the necklace is aluminum, made in the USA. It won’t tarnish or turn your skin green, and it’s super light - you won’t even know you’re wearing it. It may need an occasional polish with a cloth to keep it shiny. The front piece is shrink plastic that’s been printed onto, cut out, and shrunk down to fit just right for the metal piece behind it.

The cord is a thin faux leather black, 20 inches long with an adjustable clasp at the end so you can wear it shorter or longer.

All front pieces of the necklaces are cut out by hand. As with most things hand-made, please expect some variation from item to item; that's what makes each Crafty Queer Studio product unique and awesome!

The front piece of the necklace has been sealed twice, so it will hold up through regular wear. However do not swim or shower with it.