Please contact us to place all orders so that we can get you an accurate quote. Feel free to look through our MHEC-available products on the website and then let us know what you would like to order and we will send you a custom estimate. Please see the bottom of this page for custom design inquiries.


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Our product lines that are available for purchase to MHEC members currently include the following:

Pinback Buttons (1.25”)

$3 / unit

Stickers (UV-fast & waterproof)

$4 / unit

Keychains (Acrylic)

$12 / unit


All MHEC members receive a 15% discount off the retail/unit price of these product lines. For higher volume tier pricing, see below.

For our pinback buttons and stickers, we offer volume tier discounts at the following rates:

Pinback buttons & stickers volume discounts: 50+ units, total of 20% off; 100+ units, total of 30% off; 250+ units, total of 40% off; 500+ units, total of 50% off; 1000+ units, total of 60% off


Pinback buttons:






Our production times will vary depending on the order. Our pinback buttons are made in-house, so typically we can get these produced within a week. For our keychains and stickers, we work with production companies to have our designs physically produced. If your order is small, we may have enough on hand to fill it, in which case it will be within 5 business days. For larger orders where we have to order additional stock, typically it will be within 3-4 weeks. We will then ship them out to you immediately once we receive them.


Shipping is calculated based on weight and shipping destination, and will be applied to your invoice. 


We can put your ready-made design or logo on any of our MHEC-available products at no additional charge. If you would like custom design work, please contact us for pricing and details, as the fee for that will vary based on number and complexity of designs. Custom designs will be non-exclusive unless they include artwork/logos already under the customer’s brand or copyright.